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GHCT Secretariat

The Secretariat carries out activities and instructions and assumes responsibilities assigned to it by the Board.

Provides administrative support to the Board
Implements Board directives and decisions (including a range of activities such as project management, implementation and enterprise development.)
Reviews and monitors financial and management systems including disbursements, and grants.
Liaises with and provides support to statutory bodies responsible for implementing activities.
Manages on-going activities and facilitates the activities of the Board and its Committees including meetings, fundraising and advocacy.
Enterprise assets and activities including canopy walkway, KNPVC and its concessions, Design and Fabrication Centre (DFC), concessions at Museums shops, Fort Saint Jago and GHCT’s product management (post cards, video, certificates of pilgrimage, etc.)
Manages financial assets of the Trust, except endowment, and disburses and accounts for all expenditures.
Manages a clear and transparent system for grant-making to communities and NGOs to promote the objectives of the Trust.

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